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ST-III phaser 2, unfinished by master-ninjabear
ST-III phaser 2, unfinished
I bought one of these from a guy on ebay, who had a Dremel-happy employee.
This is the second 1:1 scale prop I bought, with the promise that it would come straight from the mold.

I have yet to do any more than buff down the rough edges, but I'm not sure I really want to do a full paint job.
The Last Battlestar by master-ninjabear
The Last Battlestar
I built this before the original series finished its run...ah, good times.
This is one of the original Monogram model kits, though she had to be refinished a few years back so I gave the old girl a new coat of light ghost grey.
I guess I'm just missing Glen A. Larson, lost to us this week, but treasuring his legacy and one of his truly brilliant works, the Classic Battlestar Galactica.
Susan B Anthony by master-ninjabear
Susan B Anthony
Went to the bank the other day, got a roll of $1 coins.
Thirteen out of 25 were Susan B. Anthony dollars, minted back in 1979.
I cleaned them, put them back in the roll with every intention of using them for their intended purpose at my earliest convenience.
I like this coin, but it has what I've always considered a design flaw; it's the same size as a US quarter dollar coin.

The US Mint began pressing new dollar coins 14 years ago in a shiny, gold-looking alloy.
I believe the Mint should reclaim all these from circulation and reissue this design in the new alloy, so people don't inadvertently feed a parking meter or washing machine with dollars by mistake.

Susan B. Anthony led the women's suffrage movement here in the United States, and she deserves better than she got back in 1979.
Frustration by master-ninjabear
Having tried and failed to get DAZ to load onto my computer, I bought a new computer but nope, still screwed up.

I even gave my techspert access to my DAZ account so she could try downloading the $15 worth of extras I bought, but no dice.
That was the last straw because if my techno-witch couldn't get it to work, there's no hope for a dumb old bear like me.

I tried to hire an artist from the DAZ member forums---end result is I'm probably banned from the forums for life.

Still needing artwork for a book cover, I decided to break my own rule and search dA but thus far, it's been like panning for gold.
In utter frustration, I rendered one last image before I deleted DAZ Studio from my computer, which I offer here and now, for your amusement.
This little piggy by master-ninjabear
This little piggy
I had a remarkably difficult time finding a pink plastic piggy bank for my baby great-niece, but feeding it has been simple enough.
After my bad experience on the Daz member forums (for which I'm probably still banned), I promised myself I would not screw up my fun on dA by trying to hire an artist to do some cover art for my novels.
You have, for the most part, made me feel so welcome that it did not take very long to break that promise.

(There's a long winded rant about being unable to get DAZ Studio to work right on my computer, but I'm not going there any more.)

So far two dA artists have tried, but could not come up with something I like.
One was truly glorious but off-concept, the other was way too racy.
It didn't matter until now, because I have the special edition of Banshee's Wail ready to launch...I just need an eye-catching cover.
People really do judge books by their covers, and to jump start sales I need something big and bold, so I'm seeking volunteers to create art for a sci-fi romance novel.
Interested parties can contact me through dA note, or just take a whack at it and let me see the result (and yes, you do get paid for this).


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United States
Frustrated by pencil, charcoals, ink & paint, I turned first to model building, then to photography, then to my true joy, wooden toys.
Had to give up all of this as I went blind, but modern medicine and a "borg implant" allow me to pursue some of my passions again; though my one true talent is painting pictures with words---the mind's eye is my canvas.

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