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Recently I read an online news story about an NFL player offering his seat in first class to a Marine he saw boarding his flight.
A photo of this Marine shows enough glaring errors in the uniform code, to make just about anyone believe Mr. Williams may have been deceived by an impostor.

Why would someone do this, when the penalty for impersonating a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is up to 5 years in federal prison?

We're all offended by this sort of thing, but it brings to mind an unpleasant memory from my adolescence.
I was a teenager in the post-Vietnam War era, when the attitude toward the military was quite different (damn hippies).

When I outgrew my old winter coat, I used my shiny new driver's license to take my Mum to Ralphs Army Surplus.
Where I went wrong was when I added some spangle to my new bomber jacket.
I didn't know how wrong until, as my Dad's designated driver, we went to his favorite bar.
My father, an Army vet, let a room full of drunks goad him into ripping the decorations right off my chest.

I was a dumb kid, who just wanted to show pride for the military that had fallen from grace in what many considered a humiliating defeat.
Hell I was hoping some damn hippie would try it but...Dad?

I left Dad with his friends and on the long, cold walk home, I gave serious thought to what I should take from this painful lesson.
I resolved that I would never pretend to be anything I am not; what I didn't know was where that need to prove myself would lead me.

There are those who envy the uniform, the men and women who wear their medals with pride, who speak in earnest of their bold exploits in defense of our nation.
I'm not one of them...why not?
Even if I could tell, you'd never believe me.


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United States
Frustrated by pencil, charcoals, ink & paint, I turned first to model building, then to photography, then to my true joy, wooden toys.
Had to give up all of this as I went blind, but modern medicine and a "borg implant" allow me to pursue some of my passions again; though my one true talent is painting pictures with words---the mind's eye is my canvas.

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Thanks for the watch, and right back at you since you're a modeler. :D
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Thank you, model building seems to be an underappreciated art.

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hey bud, best artwork on DA... like ever:P…
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Thank you for the comment/link. Luckily I have the full series on dvd.
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me too---I would have really loved to see season 2, but I dread the movie now that Mr. Anderson is not here to protect his work.
darkstalker1 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
After what happened with the Thunderbirds movie...!
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:( (Sad) 

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Thank you for the watch, master-ninjabear! :)
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